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Bridging the gap between you and your canine

Your relationship with your dog is an important one.  In order for your dog to follow commands, come when called, stop unwanted behaviors, or just have all around good manners you have to understand how a dog thinks and base your relationship off that.  There is more than one method to train your dog; I'm training you to train your dog, together we will find the the most practical method that works.  Whether you have an older dog that needs a refresher, a young adult that has behavior problems or a brand new puppy and you are thinking "what did I just get myself into!"  I am here to help and good training will go a long way. 

Does your dog:

* Have bad manners
* Bolt through the door
* Jump on you or others
* Whine, Bark, Dig
* Think He/She is in charge
* Refuse to follow simple commands
* Refuse to come when called
* Destroy property inside and out
* Guard Food, toys or you
* Think He/She owns the furniture

Is your dog a Brand New Puppy!?




Pampered Pups is proud to offer:
  • Amazing results with your first lesson
  • In-(your)Home Private lessons 
  • In-(your)Home Family lessons
  • In-(your)Home Puppy lessons
  • Behavior modification for all ages
  • Training for small and large dogs
  • Leadership/relationship Training                                              
  • Basic canine obedience training
    • Watch-Me
    • Go-on (get out of my space)
    • Sit
    • Down (lay down)
    • Stay
    • Heel (walk with me with a loose leash) Dog Obedience School
    • Off (get off)
    • Leave it (stop whatever it is you are doing)
    • Outside/inside
    • Go Potty
    • Finished 
  • Obedience with distractions 
  • Basic obedience or refresher training for adult dogs
  • House breaking
    • Puppies
    • Rescues
    • adult dogs 
  • Off-leash training  
  • Aggression management towards children and strangers
  • Separation anxiety
  • Barking, chewing, digging resolution
  • Good manners - at the door, in the back yard, in the front yard, on a walk, etc.
  • The same price for more than one dog 
  • The BEST customer care you will find!! 


Serving the Northern and Northwestern Columbus area including but not limited to Marysville OH, Delaware OH, Dublin OH, Westerville OH, Hilliard OH, Marion OH, Urbana OH, Bellefontaine OH, Kenton OH.

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